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Are you keen to take up acoustic guitar lessons? The sound of an acoustic guitar is delicate and pleasing to the appreciative ear. It brings out a warm tone, and is best suited to play the everyday pop songs that one loves. That said, acoustic guitar is also well suited for a varied genre, including jazz, soft rock, blues, and general rhythmic chords. There are a lot of great songs that can be played solely by the acoustic guitar without needing an entire band. You can sit on your bed and play the versatile instrument, without disturbing your neighbours. But you can also plug in to an amplifier to fire up the chords and progressions! More importantly, you can learn to play and sing, and be your own One-Man-Band!

Many people think they can self-teach to play the guitar. But it is not the most effective way because one may be picking up the wrong habits, or worse, getting the concepts wrong. Our acoustic guitar classes are paired by the guidance and feedback of a good, personal guitar teacher, who always tracks your progress, ensuring you will succeed at the end.

At About Music, you will learn to master the instrument in no time.

Who will benefit?

  • Those who want to learn to play pop tunes on steel-string acoustic guitar
  • Those who want to play in worship or for accompaniments.

Course Features

  • Dedicated, experienced and qualified guitar instructors
  • 1-on-1 home coaching
  • Develops musicality. Inspires you to create music
  • Covers ear training and music theory
  • Opportunities to jam with other musicians and perform at concerts

Course Content

  • Acoustic guitar techniques
  • Chord patterns
  • Reading notes
  • Strumming patterns for different musical styles and genres
  • Scales and Arpeggios
  • Chord progressions

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