Piano Courses

If you are thinking of enrolling yourself or your child into a piano school in Singapore, you have come to the right place!

At About Music, we pride ourselves in having the friendlier and passionate teachers in Singapore. Our music lessons are customized to suit your learning needs and the styles or genres you prefer. Whether you are an adult looking for beginner's class, or a parent seeking piano lessons for your child, you will find a right fit here.   

Why Join Us?

  • Customized lessons - Our lessons are customized to suit your learning pace, and we take care to craft out an enjoyable and fruitful learning journey for the individual.
  • Passionate and Professional teachers - Our teachers are certified, experienced and passionate about music. Our classes are held either one-on-one or in small groups. We believe in the maximum teaching interaction and engagement. Students can benefit from the most out of each session, with sufficient practice and proper feedback.
  • Opportunities to Perform - We provide the platform for our students to perform in school concerts and events, to boost their confidence and hone their skills. These include forming bands to play in gigs.


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