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About Music offers piano, guitar and music theory lessons. Our boutique-style curriculum is customized to suit individual aspirations. From classical guitar to contemporary piano lessons, whether you are looking at beginners level for an adult or child, or piano lessons for intermediate/ advanced learners in Singapore, we have them all here! Set up by music educators with a passion to impart musical knowledge, About Music believes in bringing out the best through uncovering one’s musical potential. At the core of our education model is rigorous ear training which sets the foundation of a successful musician. Check out our range of top music lessons now!

Why Choose Us?

Boutique Style Music Lessons

Ear Training

Performance Opportunities

We offer boutique style music lessons tailored for the individual. This means that we are able to customize the lessons based on your learning needs and levels of proficiency, down to the style or genre of music. Our students find this meaningful as they enjoy the learning journey and process. Our schedule is flexible and allows for intensive practice sessions if such a need arises. The result is acquiring skills at a much faster pace than expected.

 Rigorous ear training in our school

At the core of our music education model is ear training, the single most important attribute of a great musician. Our instructors will set the foundation right by training musicianship. With practice and feedback, you will be more attuned to nuances of pitches and harmony, becoming more sharp to hearing and differentiating various notes and chord changes, and more importantly, being able to pick up new pieces or songs more quickly, accompany other musicians, and learn to correct your own mistakes.

Solo Performance in Music School Concert in Singapore

At About Music, we provide the platform for our students to engage in musical performances. We strive to create musical events which they can actively partake, as we believe the exposure and experience will accumulate and spark off in ways better than their current level allows.  Not only do we encourage our students to perform in solos, we also arrange for them to perform in bands or ensembles. This allows for musical interaction at a profound level as they play together in harmony. 

Parent's Testimonials

Ethan Tan plays the violin

“My son, Ethan, began taking violin lessons from Teacher Celia in About Music School since Dec 2013.  Ethan is currently doing the Fiddle Time Runners book. From beginning until now, the school/teacher has allowed me to stay throughout the lesson as an observer.  This is great, as I get to witness how the teacher corrects my son’s techniques and learn how to practice with him at home. So far, my son has been enjoying his weekly lessons and also the regular concert performances organized by the school.” — Mrs Tan Jing Hong

Avni picture

“I want to thank About Music for helping my daughter learn piano. She is enjoying it a lot. She is confident in playing and loves playing it in front of friends and family. The best part is that she enjoys playing piano whenever she is free. Instead of spending time on iPad or the computer, she plays the piano. Thank you About Music!”  — Ms Ruchi Tripathi

Angus Ang picture

“My son Angus has been learning piano at the Children Piano Class at About Music. He likes the environment and the teacher there. The school organizes concert regularly which is good for students development. He is improving fast and can now perform confidently in public.” — Ms Bernice

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