James Ang

Guitar Instructor and Director of About Music Pte Ltd

B Sc, M A (Instructional Design and Technology), Grad Dip BA, Dip Multimedia Producer, Performance Cert TCL. James was a Senior Lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic (SP). He has held several positions including Manager, Industry and University Alliance, School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology; member of the Course Management Team, Diploma in Music and Audio Technology. He has taught in subjects ranging from multimedia authoring, object oriented programming, web development to music theory.James has been active in research and development projects. These included e-learning applications, online bookstore, blog shop and a Livescribe Smart Pen application to teach ear training and music theory. He has regularly published articles in the Journal of Teaching Practice while in SP.An avid guitar player, James is rooted in the classical tradition. However, he much enjoys the fluidity afforded by Jazz improvisational techniques. He has been teaching guitar since 1996 and conducted guitar ensembles at junior colleges. He also taught Entrepreneurship and Business Opportunity at Singapore Polytechnic.

Chloe Ang

Chloe Ang
Chloe has been studying piano since she was 4 years old in Singapore, and attained her
DipABRSM certificate in 2013, at the age of 15. From Singapore, she has studied with Lim
Tshui Fang and Kerim Vergazov and moved to the UK in 2017 to pursue her undergraduate
studies in Music and English, where she studied with Matthew Stanley and Hilary Coates.
In recent years she has attended the masterclasses of Stanislav Ioudenitch, Andrey Shibko,
Mattia Ometto, the X Padarewski Piano Academy in Poland and has been the soloist of
Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 with Danube Symphony Orchestra in Budapest, and the
Shostakovich Piano Concerto No. 2 in Vidin, Bulgaria.
Since moving to London, Chloe has been highly passionate and motivated to teach piano and
music theory in a school in East London and accompanies friends and students for their
performances. As a literature enthusiast, Chloe’s other passions includes writing poetry,
researching and advocating the fairly new sphere of Singaporean literature for global

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