Parent’s Testimonials

“I enrolled my daughter Lylah and son Jericho in About Music’s children piano course. Not only am I pleased with their progress, I am actually impressed by their abilities to improvise and compose music on their own, after slightly more than a year’s lessons. Personally I like the tranquil environment there. But more importantly, I […]

Parent’s Testimonial

“My son Angus has been learning piano at the Children Piano Class at About Music. He likes the environment and the teacher there. The school organizes concert regularly which is good for students development. He is improving fast and can now perform confidently in public.” — Ms Bernice Find out more about our Children Piano […]

Parent’s Testimonial

“I want to thank About Music for helping my daughter learn piano. She is enjoying it a lot. She is confident in playing and loves playing it in front of friends and family. The best part is that she enjoys playing piano whenever she is free. Instead of spending time on iPad or the computer, […]

Parent’s Testimonial

  “My son, Ethan, began taking violin lessons from Teacher Celia in About Music School since Dec 2013.  Ethan is currently doing the Fiddle Time Runners book. From beginning until now, the school/teacher has allowed me to stay throughout the lesson as an observer.  This is great, as I get to witness how the teacher […]

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