Ear Training Course


If there is ONE common trait among all musicians, it must be a pair of trained ears!Ear training is the cornerstone of every musician. Not acquiring the musician’s ears is like painting blindly.

Most music lessons spend little time on ear training. Your music education need not be compromised, if you sign up our Ear Training course

Who will benefit

  • Music student who wants to grasp a strong foundation in musicianship.
  • Musician aspires to become professional songwriters, arrangers, composers or conductors.
  • Aspiring artiste needs to perform and improvise confidently.

Course features

  • 1-1 home coaching by dedicated and qualified teachers.
  • Structured curriculum integrated with music theory, designed to deepen musical understanding.
  • You will see significant improvement in just 1 month.
  • End-of-term assessment ensures students are ready before progressing to the next level.

What you would learn

  • Pitch and rhythmic notation
  • Basic sight singing
  • Moveable-do solfege syllables
  • Rhythmic transcription – simple and compound meters
  • Melodic transcription – diatonic tunes in major and minor keys
  • Melodic and rhythmic dictation
  • Chords recognition – triads, seventh chords
  • Structured improvisation


  • Once a week lesson, monthly 4 lessons
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