Please join me to congratulate the following candidates who have passed ABRSM Music Theory Exams in April 2016:

Gabriel Woon | Grade 6 Theory | Passed with merits

Wong Ye Jun | Grade 6 Theory | Passed with merits

Lynette Tan | Grade 5 Theory | Passed

“I have taken ABRSM Grade 6 Theory of Music under the guidance of James Ang from About Music and have obtained Passed with Merits. In a short duration of 4 months, James have taught the entire grade 6 syllabus effectively, allowing easy understanding on the concepts. Without his deep knowledge of music and accurate coaching skills, this would not have been possible. I would highly recommend anyone who wishes to do music at a higher level to consider attending lessons from the school as the teachers are highly professional.”  — Gabriel Woon

“We just received the Music Theory results. She passed with a score of 73. We are really happy about it. Thank you for your patience in coaching her. ” — Ms Lily Tan.


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